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Sounds of Our Time | Naxos (2014)

(Album) Naxos Catalogue No: 970212. Released August 2014. Recorded at The Glenn Gould Studio, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Toronto, Canada. Featuring works for cello & piano written by living Canadian composers, including an early work of mine, Ex Animo (2009), for cello duet, composed for cellist Rachel Mercer.

Label Release Notes:

This exciting programme consists of world-première recordings of new works by young Canadian composers. William Rowson’s Sonata is an expressive look at traditional forms, while Kevin Lau’s Starsail is a musical metaphor for a journey into the great unknown. Hunter Coblentz’s Ex Animo embraces the richness of tone offered by two cellos, Abigail Richardson-Schulte reshapes classical modes of musical interaction through all kinds of Crossings, and with a quote from The Seven Last Words, Mark Nerenberg’s “I Thirst” follows a journey through suffering, loss, perseverance and hope.

This recording was made in close collaboration with all these composers. Rachel Mercer plays here on the 1696 Bonjour Stradivarius Cello from the Canada Council for the Arts Musical Instrument Bank.

Performer(s): Rachel Mercer, Angela Park (Mercer-Park Duo)

Composer(s): Coblentz, Hunter; Lau, Kevin; Nerenberg, Mark; Richardson-Schulte, Abigail; Rowson, William

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Total Length: 1'00"46

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