Music for Tuned Glass (2018)

(Album) Independently released by American composer Larry Polansky and myself, April 2018. Recorded in London, England. Featuring two previously unperformed, unrecorded works: Glass (1978-9), for 17 performers and 42 tuned glasses, by Larry Polansky, and my work Lattice (2018), for 4 performers and 27 tuned glasses.

Tuning Aid (2017)

A simple Max/MSP patch I created to help musicians tune instruments to specific frequencies. Multiply by frequency ratios. Input and track frequencies using a microphone. All frequencies within a four-staff range are approximated using either standard glyphs, fractions, or cents with up to eighth-tone specificity.

Sounds of Our Time | Naxos (2014)

(Album) Naxos Catalogue No: 970212. Released August 2014. Recorded at The Glenn Gould Studio, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Toronto, Canada. Featuring works for cello & piano written by living Canadian composers, including an early work of mine, Ex Animo (2009), composed for cellist Rachel Mercer.